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The way we "do" church together is very casual and organic, just as is life. Some members wear suits and dresses, others where t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, and sermons have been delivered wearing shorts and sandals. We ask you to dress comfortably, yet modestly.

Otherwise, we are a come as you are gathering. Bring the kids; we are kid friendly with a children's service following our worship (excludes the first Sunday of the month). Bring the babies; we have a private nursery with a changing table, rocking chair, and privacy for nursing Moms. Bring your coffee or morning snack; we have a casual setting with most of our chairs set around tables, which is convenient for taking notes, reading Scripture, and keeping your coffee stable (we'll have a pot on for your refills - high test & decaf). Bring your wheelchair or scooter; we are wheelchair and scooter accessible.

What else can you bring? Bring your laughter, your joy, your love, your peace, and your faith; you are welcome to join in our laughter, our joy, our love, our peace, and our faith... as we celebrate His presence! But also, bring your hurts, your pains, your wounds, your sins, your tears, your shame, your anxiety, your emptiness, and your brokenness; for in this, you are welcome to join in our ministry to one another, as we are all hurt, broken, and seeking His presence. As we seek Him, His love is made complete and we find healing.

Ok, here's our confession: we are not perfect. We are weak, we are broken, and we aren't afraid to admit it. Without Him, we are nothing. If you are looking for the perfect church, this probably is not it. If you are perfect, you will probably not be comfortable around us as we are far from perfect. But, we have Him... and in this way, He is working in our lives to perfect us. If you are up for this sort of journey, you are welcome to join us.

On the first Sunday of the month, please be our guest for our community "Agape" meal, a potluck meal served by our members. We celebrate the Lord's Table (aka. Communion, Eucharist, Lord's Supper, Breaking of Bread, Agape Feast, and in the Greek: του κλασαι αρτον) as part of our worship service, share a teaching, and celebrate our community relationships with God and one another with an "Agape" meal. Please call ahead if you have known food allergies or have other dietary concerns.

Highlights of our Sunday Celebrations:
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