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Thank you for visiting our website. Grace Community Church is a community of believers actively celebrating our relationship with God, sharing with one another in this celebration, and encouraging one another. We focus less on religion, regulations, or rules, and more on our relationship with God, how we participate in our relationship with God and others, and where this places us in life.

While you are looking around our website, you will find references to our address and building, as in the upper left corner of this page. This is where we meet, but this is not how we define our church. We define our church as stated above, a community of believers... so, if you come for a visit, please come to our building, but visit with our members. We believe you will find most of us friendly, although you may have to overlook the one or two grumpy ones in the crowd.

Yes, we admit we have a few grumpies, but doesn't every church? Would you believe us if we told you we were perfect, sunshiny happy, and smiling all the time? We invite to come find our two grumpy members!

If you are familiar with the area, we are located just East of the SR-51 (Woodville Road) and SR-579 (Williston Road) intersection. Look for Grace Community Church on the south side of the road across the parking lot from Pub 51 on Woodville Road.

From Downtown Toledo, if you travel over the Highlevel Bridge to Woodville Road, continue on Woodville Road until you pass the intersection noted above.

From I-280, use Exit 6A, Woodville Road. Turn left (east) on Woodville Road and continue until you pass the intersection noted above.

From SR-795 or SR-20, use the I-280 exit. Travel north. (See I-280 directions above.)

From the Ohio Turnpike, use exit 71. Travel north. (See I-280 directions above.)

From the Southeast, if you pick up SR-51, travel towards Toledo. After passing Walbridge Road, keep an eye on the left side (south side) of the road for the Grace Community Church sign.

From I-75, there is just way too much construction on I-75... we suggest using one of the alternate routes referenced above.

Alternatively, we have provided a clickable map just to the left to assist with your directions, or use your GPS to find 5120 Woodville Rd, Northwood, Oh 43619.
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