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We are membered and associates of the Alliance for Renewal Churches.

The Alliance for Renewal Churches is an association of churches, leaders, and missions who share a common vision for the church.

The ARC sees the church as the primary presence of God’s redemptive purpose on earth in this age. Through our corporate life we are to demonstrate the power of the Gospel. As the family of God, we proclaim the Gospel to our neighbors and to the world.

In addition, we see the church giving to God the glory due Him through worship and good works. The church as a community, therefore, prioritizes worship toward God, the proclamation of God’s redemptive work, and good works toward our neighbors in the world. The church is constantly renewing and being renewed because it is composed of imperfect but saved people in a changing world.

Therefore, we need to welcome the winds of renewal and be open to change.

More about the Alliance for Renewal Churches may be found by following this link: Alliance for Renewal Churches

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